Saturday, April 24, 2010

CVS Coupons

I am not sure if you regularly visit CVS or if you have seen the Price Checker/Coupons Center machine. Our CVS did not have one until late last year.

I scan my card each time I visit CVS. It prints coupons each day for to use in the store.  The coupons vary each week.  Many times the coupons will be for products that are on sale or will be on sale soon.  Sometimes you will get $/$$ coupons (like $4 off a $20 purchase).  Sometimes it is for CVS products.  I think each day you scan your card, you will get 2 coupons that expire in 1 week.  You can scan your card more than once each day until it says you have no more coupons for today.

A few weeks ago, one of the coupons was $1 off CVS hair care.  Well, some CVS Shampoo is $0.99.  Also recently, the coupons were $1 CVS paper product and $1 off CVS skin care product.  I used the CVS paper product coupon on paper towel and got them for $0.29 and on 2 travel tissues and got them for free.  The CVS skin care coupon, I mostly used on travel size lotion and got it for free.  The week these great coupons printed, I made it a point to go in each day and scan my card.

I Heart CVS  has a list of coupons that are printing each week.

So next time you are in CVS, look for this machine, scan your card and see what coupons you are given.

Phase 1 - Week 4

WOO HOO! I made it the whole 4 weeks, without missing a day. There were days that I did not want to work out, but I pushed through it and complete the first phase. I am very proud of myself. I feel like I have developed a good habit. I will just have to be careful that I don't allow myself to undo what I have accomplished.

I even lost 3 pounds. I know that is not much, but I am now 3 pounds closer to my goal. I can sometimes lose 2-3 pounds quickly, but it seems to always come back. I feel like this 3 pounds I will never see again. I lost it only by walking an working out each day. I didn't change my eating habits (and I have some bad habits). I will work on some of my eating habits in the next phase.

Coming Soon...Phase 2

Phase 1 - Week 3

Just wanted to give you a quick update. I made it through another week, walking for 5 days, 30 minutes each day.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free Tote Bag from Red Gold

There is a free tote bag offer from Red Gold. Go HERE and enter the UPC and product code from a can of Red Gold.

Thanks The Thrifty Mama!

Also if you do not have a can of Red Gold in your pantry, you can print a coupon for $1 off 3 cans HERE, or you can go HERE to find a UPC and product code.

Phase 1 - Week 2

I have now completed 2 weeks in Phase 1 of my new lifestyle. I feel stronger and more disciplined. I exercised 30 minutes each day Monday through Friday. Most days I walked, but I did go to the YMCA for a class this week also. I have been getting up and walking at 6 or 6:30 each morning. I usually walk for 15 -20 minutes and then walk again in the evening. It works for me and I am getting in my 30 minutes each day.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kmart Doubles - 4/8/10 Trip

Today at Kmart, I got:

3 Quilted Northern @ $7.49 each
2 Mens Dial Body Wash @ $3.50 each
1 Soft Scrub Total @ $2.99

Total before coupons and tax: $32.46

Coupons Used:
(2) -$1.00 Quilted Northern - Target Printable *
(1) -$1.50/2 Mens Dial - Printable
(1) -$1.50 Soft Scrub Total - 3/7 newspaper
(1) -$2.00 on your next order from a previous transaction

$1 toilet paper coupons doubled to $2
$1.50 body wash coupon doubled to $3
$1.50 Soft Scrub coupon doubled to $2.99
$2 off order doubled to $4

Total after coupons and tax: $20.38

I received a $10 coupon off my next order for purchasing $30 of products from the "Spring into Savings Deal".

I am also going to submit my receipt for a $5 rebate from Georgia Pacific for buying $20 worth of products. You can see details HERE.

*The Quilted Northern coupon is found on the Target website and has the Target logo on it. It is a manufacture's coupon and I used it with no problems at Kmart.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kmart Doubles - 4/6/10 Trip

Today at Kmart, I got:

3 Gillette Body Wash @ $4.00 each
2 Mach3 Disposable Razors @ $6.00 each
1 Bounty Paper Towel Roll @ $2.39

Total before coupons and tax: $26.39

Coupons Used:
(3) -$2.00 Gillette Body Wash - 3/7 newspaper
(1) -$1.00 Bounty Paper Towels - Home Mailer
(1) -$2.00 Mach3 Razor - 3/7 newspaper
(1) -BOGO Mach3 Razor - 4/4 newspaper

$2 body wash coupons doubled to $4
$1 paper towel coupon doubled to $2
$2 razor coupon doubled to $4
BOGO did not double, but it took off $6

I did use 6 coupons, but I gave the 5 I wanted doubled first, then the BOGO.

Total after coupons and tax: $3.69

I am going to mail in for the $10 prepaid Mastercard Rebate when you buy $25 worth of Proctor & Gamble products. There is a chance they will not give it to me because my total is so low, but I think they will and it is worth a try.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Kmart Doubles - 4/5/10 Trip

This week, Kmart is having double coupons. There are more rules, but I think it is still worth my time to go a few times. You are limited to 5 coupons per day and you must use your Rewards card. I figured I could just go several times this week. Today I went and got this:
5 Dove Deodorant @ $3.79 each

Total before coupons and tax: $18.95

Coupons Used:
(2) -$2.00 Dove Ultimate - printable
(2) -$1.25 Dove Deodorant - printable
(1) -$1.25 Dove Deodorant - 3/28 newspaper

$2 coupons doubled to $3.79
$1.25 coupons doubled to $2.50

Total after coupons and tax: $4.74
Plus I got a $5 coupon to use on my next order for buying $15 worth of Dove products.

Phase 1 - Week 1

I completed week 1 in phase 1 of my new lifestyle. I exercised each day Monday-Friday. I walked for 30 minutes most of the days. I am proud that I completed the first week. I am now working on week 2. I am taking it slow, but I believe I am developing discipline and a healthy lifestyle.