Saturday, April 24, 2010

CVS Coupons

I am not sure if you regularly visit CVS or if you have seen the Price Checker/Coupons Center machine. Our CVS did not have one until late last year.

I scan my card each time I visit CVS. It prints coupons each day for to use in the store.  The coupons vary each week.  Many times the coupons will be for products that are on sale or will be on sale soon.  Sometimes you will get $/$$ coupons (like $4 off a $20 purchase).  Sometimes it is for CVS products.  I think each day you scan your card, you will get 2 coupons that expire in 1 week.  You can scan your card more than once each day until it says you have no more coupons for today.

A few weeks ago, one of the coupons was $1 off CVS hair care.  Well, some CVS Shampoo is $0.99.  Also recently, the coupons were $1 CVS paper product and $1 off CVS skin care product.  I used the CVS paper product coupon on paper towel and got them for $0.29 and on 2 travel tissues and got them for free.  The CVS skin care coupon, I mostly used on travel size lotion and got it for free.  The week these great coupons printed, I made it a point to go in each day and scan my card.

I Heart CVS  has a list of coupons that are printing each week.

So next time you are in CVS, look for this machine, scan your card and see what coupons you are given.

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Becky said...

That's awesome! I had no idea about that machine! I go to CVS all the time to use their coupons, so this will make the shopping experience that much cheaper. Thaks for the tip!