Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekly Goals - 9/29/08

Here are my goals for this week:
  • 1. Workout 3 times (This will be a goal until I can develop it as a good habit.)
  • 2. Make a menu for the week
  • 3. Get picture taken of one of the girls at Sears
  • 4. Clip & file coupons from this week
  • 5. Take cans to be recycled
  • 6. Make a tutu
  • 7. Clean out drawer in buffet
  • 8. Take recycling on Saturday
  • 9. Try a new recipe
  • 10. Plan & have a birthday party for Cassidy (she is going to be 6 years old)

Here is how I did with last week's goals:

Goal 1: Workout 3 times. I only made it to the gym one time this past week. I took a walk with Ryan one night and then we went to Holiday World on Sunday. I think the workout at Holiday World was probably the hardest. It seems like everywhere you go it is uphill (especially when you are pushing the stroller). Ryan & I did take turns pushing the stroller.

Goal 2: Make a menu for the week. I completed this.

Goal 3: Get picture taken of one of the girls at Sears. I did not do this last week. I will try to do it this week.

Goal 4: File coupons. Before the coupons came this weekend in the newspaper, I had all (except a few I may still find) my coupons clipped and filed. I was SO happy. I took out all the coupons that were expiring this week. I want to clip the coupons from this week and get them filed before I get any more coupons.

Goal 5: Send for rebates that are on the computer desk.
I finally got these sent off.

Goal 6: Sew something. Sadly, I did not take the time to sew something this week either. Cassidy's birthday is this week and I would like to try to make the tutu for her birthday.

Goal 7: Clean out drawer in buffet. I started to clean out one of the drawers, but I did not complete it yet. I will try to finish this week.

Goal 8: Organize cleaning supply closet. I finished organizing the closet, you can see it HERE.

Goal 9: Try a new recipe. We did not try any new recipes this week.

Goal 10: Make a Shutterfly book. I can be a little bit of a procrastinator. I had a free photo book from Shutterfly, but it had to be ordered by the 26th. Of course, I worked on it that day and finally completed it in the early evening. I went to order it and found out that the style I picked was not one of the free books. I was pretty disappointed. I decided I was not going to give up my free book, so I spent a couple of hours after the girls went to bed working on a new book that would be free. I completed it. I also had a free Shutterfly book that I won, so I ordered 2 copies of the book I completed. Since I worked all day on the first book, I decided to order that one also. I ended up paying a little over $30 for all three books including shipping. These books usually run about $30 each plus about $8 shipping. I can't wait until they come. The books should be here either the end of this week, or early next week. I will post a picture when they come.

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