Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Goals - Week of 9/14/08

Here are my goals for this week:
  • 1. Workout 3 times
  • 2. Make a menu for the week
  • 3. Iron 5 things
  • 4. File coupons
  • 5. Take recycling
  • 6. Sew something
  • 7. Clean out drawer in buffet
  • 8. Organize cleaning supply closet
  • 9. Try a new recipe
  • 10. Find good place for Cassidy's school papers

Here is how I did with last week's goals:

Goal 1: Workout 3 times. I took a walk around the neighborhood 2 times and worked out at the gym only once. I am going to try to workout at the gym more this week.

Goal 2: Make a menu for the week. I completed this.

Goal 3: Iron 5 things. I completed this.

Goal 4: Work on coupons. I am still working on my coupons. I think I just about have everything clipped including this week. I have them sorted in two categories - food or non-food. I am going to do my best to get everything filed this week.

Goal 5: Finish organizing pantry.
I finished this and you can see a picture HERE.

Goal 6: Make a dessert for new neighbors. I did not make a dessert for our new neighbors, but I did make a dessert for my parents. My mom had surgery this past week and I made them a meal and dessert.

Goal 7: Lower Chloe's bed. I completed this.

Goal 8: Organize cleaning supply closet. I did not get to this yet. I will make it a goal for next week.

Goal 9: Try a new recipe. I did not do this yet. I planned a couple of new things, but we did not get to them. We will strive for something new next week.

Goal 10: Enter codes at I completed this.

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