Monday, January 5, 2009

Homemade Capes

I wanted to make several homemade Christmas gifts for our girls this year. I began working on a superhero cape and a fleece blanket for each girl. I did not get them finished early enough. I wanted until the last minute and then I hurt my back, so I could not work on them. I did manage to finish Chloe and Callie's blankets. Cassidy got her material for Christmas. I thought she would enjoy helping me work on her blanket.

I decided to get the material out the other night and finish the capes for the girls. You can see the pictures above of what they looked like. They are reversible. Each picked out their favorite material (of what we had) and the other side has that with a princess crown on it. I think they like their capes.

I followed a pattern I found online for the capes. It is at Puking Pastilles and can be found HERE.

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