Saturday, June 14, 2008

CVS Challenge - Week of 6/8/08

Starting Balances:
  • Gift Card: $25.00
  • ECBs: $0.00
Ending Balances:
  • Gift Card: $23.00
  • ECBs: $0.00
I planned to start my $25 CVS Challenge this week. It seems like I have had a lot going on. I did not get to CVS until Saturday. When I went, they did not have the things I was planning to buy. I wanted to get something to show for my first week. I saw the Crest Pro Health and I thought it was $3.49 and get $3.49 in ECBs. I did not see this deal advertised, but thought sometimes they may not advertise. I now realize that the Crest mouth wash was where the Listerine Smart Rinse should have been. I guess my mistake. I will do better next week.

Here is what I got:
  • 1 Crest Pro Health Mouth Wash @ $1.99
  • 1 CVS Baby Vapor Bath @ $1.99
  • Coupons Used:
    • $2.00 off CVS skin product (for the vapor bath)
Total Out of Pocket: $2.00 (gift card)
ECBs Earned: $0.00

I am planning another trip soon. Next week will be better. Check back and see.

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