Monday, November 3, 2008

K-Mart Trips

A few weeks ago, K-mart had their Max Factor products on sale. They were buy one, get one free. There was a coupon a while back for buy one, get one free for any lip product. I went and got 8 lip glosses and only had to pay tax. My total was $2.01. The lip glosses were originally $6.49 each so with out the sale and the coupons, my total would have been $51.92 without tax. You can click on the picture to get a better view of the receipt. This was a great find. These will make great stocking stuffers and fillers for gift baskets.

I also took advantage of the Super Double coupons at K-mart last week. The total for the products in the picture totaled about $55 and after the coupons, I only paid about $8.50. (I am not sure where the receipt for an exact total.) I look at the picture and think I would not pay over $50 for these products. I would not have bought these if I didn't have coupons and they were not doubled. You can get some great deals if you have the right coupons when K-mart has their Super Double Coupons. I am not sure if they will do it again or not, but if they do, I will try to post about it.

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Heather B said...

I'm so jealous!!! I'm a lipgloss addict and I would LOVE to have gotten that many for next to nothing!!! You're right though, they will make great stocking stuffers.