Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where Have I Been?

If you read this blog regularly, you may be asking yourself what happened. I know I try to post deals on a regular basis, but things have come up and I've been busy.

Two weeks ago, Chloe (my youngest daughter) was sick. She had a fever and a cold. I took her to the doctor and found out she only had a cold.

On Thursday night that week, my mom called to tell me that my grandma had died. She was just 1 day (actually just a few hours) from turning 80 years old. She had been in the nursing home for a few months. In that time, she gotten to where she had a hard time getting around. The visitation was Saturday evening with the funeral on Sunday afternoon.

Late Friday night that week, Callie (my middle daughter) woke up with a fever and throwing up. She was sick much of the day on Saturday.

I was still able to attend the visitation and the funeral because Ryan stayed home with the girls.

This past week has been filled with Halloween preparations. We usually have a small Halloween party and I needed to get the house ready for that. I also worked on getting costumes for the girls.

So, I am sorry I have been a bit absent. I am going to try to start posting more frequently now. I am excited to post a couple of deals I got a Kmart the past couple of weeks.


Meredith said...

so sorry for your loss, and sick kids is never fun!
Hope you have a great week...I found your blog by random and really appreciate the coupon tips!


Anonymous said...

So sorry to read about your grandma. We didn't realize that had happened.
Hope life is better this week.