Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kroger Mega Event

Kroger is having a mega event this week. If you buy 10 participating items, then you get $5 off you order instantly (which equals $0.50 for each item). You can get some pretty good deals this week. You can check out The Thrifty Mama for some of the deals. Here is what I got:
I went today, my total for everything in the picture was over $95 without my coupons and Kroger savings. I saved $38.19 with my Kroger Plus Card and $37.80 with coupons, so I only paid $21.12 for everything.

I used paper coupons and coupons loaded to my Kroger Card. You can load coupons using P&G eSaver, Shortcuts, and Cellfire. This is the first time I every used Cellfire, but it worked perfectly.

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