Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekly Goals - Week of 8/25/08

Here are my weekly goals:
  • 1. Join the gym
  • 2. Workout at the gym 3 times
  • 3. Make out a menu for the week
  • 4. Organize the pantry
  • 5. Ask when I can volunteer at the school
  • 6. Iron 5 things
  • 7. Clip & organize more coupons
  • 8. Work on a few more baby gifts
  • 9. Enter Coke codes at at least 5 times
  • 10. Make a dessert for someone else

Here is how I did with last week's goals:

Goal 1: Walk 75 minutes. I walked only 15 minutes.

Goal 2: Visit Cassidy's school. I went, turned in my volunteer sheet and told them I wanted to be at the school once a week.

Goal 3: Organize pantry. I did not get to this yet. I wanted some containers from Wal-Mart, but I couldn't find them.

Goal 4: Organize freezer. I did this. I now can find more things and I fit a few more things in the freezer. (See pictures below.)

Goal 5: Iron 5 things. I did this and ironed even more than 5.

Goal 6: Clip & file coupons. This seems to be never ending. If I can get caught up, I think the weekly papers will be easier to keep up with.

Goal 7: Do/make something special for Ryan. I feel like this and a few other goals are not specific enough. How do I decide if something I did or made is special enough to fall under this goal? I did get to sit in the Hot Tub with Ryan and I made him steak. I think he enjoyed both of those things.

Goal 8: Do/make something special for Cassidy. We made mints together Saturday night.

Goal 9: Do/make something special for Callie. We played on the computer together.

Goal 10: Do/make something special for someone else. As suggested by Susan, I decided to so something for myself. I rented a few movies for myself and watched them.

Freezer Before
Freezer After


Anonymous said...

Freezer looks great!
Glad you got to watch some movies!

Heather B said...

I LOVE the before and after pictures!!! That always serves as such great inspiration. So what movies did you watch?

Ryan and Amy said...

I watched "PS I Love You" and "Because I Said So". They both were pretty good.