Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekly Goals - Week of 8/4/08

Here are my weekly goals:
  • 1. Walk everyday. I want to get in the habit of walking everyday. I figured even if I just walked down the street with the kids or 5 minutes on the treadmill, I can start a good habit.
  • 2. Walk at least 75 minutes. I want to have a least a few walks that are more than a few minutes. I would like to make sure I am getting good exercise.
  • 3. Make out a menu for the week. I think this will help us to eat healthier and have what we need in the house. It won't be 5pm and I am wondering what to cook.
  • 4. Clean out the refrigerator.
  • 5. Organize the freezer.
  • 6. Work on making a new schedule for our days. I want to have a schedule to follow once Ryan goes back to work. I want to make sure we fit all the important stuff in everyday.
  • 7. Continue working on coupons.
  • 8. Do something fun with the girls. I think they are going to have someone over to play on Wednesday.
  • 9. Iron 5 more things (shirts or pants).
  • 10. Upload July's pictures to Shutterfly.

Here is how I did with last week's goals:

Goal 1: Walk 75 minutes. I did not walk :(

Goal 2: Work on organizing coupons. I worked on this. Not including this week, I have almost all the non food coupons in the binder.

Goal 3: Something fun with the girls. Grace came to visit. The girls had a good time. We also had a couple of teenagers over on Saturday to play with and watch the girls. They love spending time with people. We also went to a swimming birthday party. We all had fun.

Goal 4: Keep a food journal. I did not do this. I am going to make a menu for this week. I think that will help me see what I am eating.

Goal 5: Be more encouraging to my family. I tried to do this.

Goal 6: Clean out and organize a cabinet. This week I organized the cabinet with the kid's stuff.

Goal 7: Go to the recycling center. I was pretty frustrated with going the last time and no one being there. Ryan decided to go this week and took our stuff. The recycling center moved to another location. I am not sure why there was not a sign on the door or why someone didn't call me back with that information after I left a message. It was a really nice place. It was a drive thru. You could just drive in, put your recycling in the bins, and then drive off. If it was raining, you would not get wet. I loved it. I could just leave the kids in the car. Ryan said the new location was not as nice. It looks like I will be trying to take our stuff on Saturdays when the other place is open.

Goal 8: Make Chloe a little tag blanket. I cut the material and ribbons. I pinned the ribbons to the material. I wanted to sew it tonight, but everyone in the house is asleep and I don't want to wake them. I will sew it together tomorrow.

Goal 9: Find a place for extra diapers and put them there. My plan is to clean up the girls' closet and then there will be room to put the few packages I have left.

Goal 10: Iron 5 shirts or pants. I finished this :)

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