Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cheap Shampoo & a Pedicure?

Herbal Essences Shampoo has a promotion going on right now, if you buy 2 bottles of shampoo and/or conditioner, then you get a certificate for a free manicure or pedicure. I have been looking for the bottles of shampoo with the green sticker on it for a while. (You have to buy the ones with the promotion listed.)

Kroger has Herbal Essences shampoo on sale this week 2 for $5.00. I had a coupon for $3.00 off 2.

So I got 2 bottles of shampoo, 2 bottles of conditioner, and 2 manicures or pedicures for only $4.78.

Wow, what a deal!

Update: I found out that the Herbal Essence Shampoo is a part of the Proctor & Gamble promotion. If you buy 3 in one order, then you get $3 off. If I would have bought 3, then my total before coupons would have been $7.50. Then I would have got the $3.00 off for the promotion and I could have still used my $3.00 off 2. My total then would have been $1.50 before tax. You would only need 2 with the Manicure/Pedicure label, the third one could be anything. You could do this 2 times if you want 2 free manicure or pedicures. You have to send in the original receipt, so you would need to to 2 transactions.

UPDATE #2: Someone in our local area tried to get the $3.00 off when they bought 3 Herbal Essences Shampoos, but it did not work. I guess it was not a tagged item.

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