Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekly Goals - Week of 7/20/08

Here are my goal for this week:
  • 1. Walk 75 minutes
  • 2. Work on organizing my coupons
  • 3. Something fun with the girls
  • 4. Keep a food journal
  • 5. Be more encouraging to my family
  • 6. Clean out and organize the cup cabinet
  • 7. Go to the recycling center
  • 8. Make Chloe a little tag blanket
  • 9. Find a place for extra diapers and put them there
  • 10. Iron 5 shirts or pants

Here are my goals from last week and how I did:

1. Walk 75 minutes - I only walked for 60 minutes, I am going to try to do better this week.
2. Iron 8 shirts - I completed this. :)
3. Finish organizing my coupons - Still working on this, this is a bigger job than I thought.
4. Something fun with the girls - We had friends over for lunch on Friday, and then went bowling.
5. Keep a food journal - I did not do this. I am going to try my best to complete it this week.
6. Be more encouraging to Ryan - I really tried to do this, but I am not sure I did this enough.
7. Be more encouraging to Cassidy - I tried to do this.
8. Be more encouraging to Callie - I tried to do this.
9. Organize medicine & spice cabinet - This is completed. Thanks to Ryan for helping.
10. Go to recycling center - I went on Saturday. Ryan went with me to watch the girls.

So, not to bad last week, but I want to complete everything next week.


Becky said...

Hi Amy! Where is the recycling center in town? Do you know what kinds of materials they recycle?

Ryan and Amy said...

I have a sheet telling what they take and what they won't take. I will show it to you sometime. They take plastic, cardboard, newspaper, misc paper, and junk mail. There is one center off north 37 and one off south 37. You can ride with me sometime if you are interested.