Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weekly Goals - Week of 7/28/08

My goals for this week are simple. They are the same as last week's goals. I did complete some of them, but I need to finish the rest. I am not sure where the time goes. It seems I come to the end of the week, look at my goals and see that I have not completed everything I wanted.

Here are my goal with what I did and what I want to do:

Goal 1: Walk 75 minutes. Last week I walked 50 minutes. I will try to walk the full 75 minutes this week.

Goal 2: Work on organizing coupons. Last week I worked on this quite a bit. I still need to finish this. Most of my coupons are in my new binder, but I need to put the rest in there.

Goal 3: Something fun with the girls. Last week we took the girls to the Rend Lake beach to have a picnic with some friends. Ryan took Cassidy and Callie swimming. We all had a good time. This week, we are having one of the girls' friends over. They are super excited about it.

Goal 4: Keep a food journal. I did some of this last week. I have about 2 days of journaling. I am going to do my best to have more days this week. I know it will help me loose weight, because I can see what I am eating each day and adjust it.

Goal 5: Be more encouraging to my family. I am working on this and I need to continue to work on this. I am not sure why it seems so hard sometimes. Please pray for me.

Goal 6: Clean out and organize cabinet. I cleaned and organized the cup cabinet last week. This week I organized the cabinet with the kid's stuff.

Goal 7: Go to the recycling center. I went last week twice. They were not open. I hope someone will be there this week.

Goal 8: Make Chloe a little tag blanket. I did not get to this last week. I hope to complete it this week.

Goal 9: Find a place for extra diapers and put them there. I did find a place to put extra diapers and I put them there. The place is now full and I have more diapers. So this week, I want to find a place for the rest of the diapers.

Goal 10: Iron 5 shirts or pants. I have no good excuse for not completing this last week, but I will work on it this week.


Anonymous said...

What is a tag blanket? Also, please share how you are organizing your coupons.

Ryan and Amy said...

A "tag blanket" is just a small blanket about 18 inch square that has ribbons sewn around it in loops. They resemble tags.

I am working on putting my coupons in baseball card holders in a 3 ring binder. I am hoping to be able to easily find a coupon when I need it. But I first need to get them all in there.