Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kroger Deals

I thought I would share a couple of deals from Kroger I got this week.

This first picture shows what I got using my Planters coupons I told you about HERE. I paid $2.28 (including tax) for everything in the picture and got a coupon that printed out at the checkout for $4.00 off my next order. WOW!! I made money on this one.

This second picture is of some of the candy you can buy this week at Kroger and receive a voucher for a free movie ticket. It is a promotion Kroger and Hershey's have. The candy cost me $8.00 plus tax. There is a bonus also, with some of the bags of candy there are points printed on them. When you collect 15 points, you can mail the points and a form in and get another free movie ticket. Each of these bags are worth 5 points.

So, for $8.00 plus tax, I got 4 bags of candy and will get 2 free movie tickets. Another great deal.

These deals are good through the end of this week at Kroger. The points on the bag candy are good for a while longer.

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