Saturday, May 31, 2008

CVS Trip

Here is one of my CVS trips this week. I went another time, but really didn't get much. This time I went in with no EBC (extra care bucks) and came out with $8.97 and $4.69 in ECBs. I was pretty excited.

Here is what I got:
  • 3 Aquafresh toothpaste $2.99 each
  • Tums Quikpak $4.69
  • CVS Back Pack wipes $1.59
  • 2 Kissables candy $0.50 each (I thought they were $0.20)\
Here are the coupons I had:
  • $5.00 off if you spend $15.00 or more
  • 3 - $1.00 off the Aquafresh
  • $2.25 off the Tums Quikpak
  • $1.59 (free) CVS Back Pack wipes (I got this in my e-mail)
My grand total was $4.78. I had no ECB, so I paid this out of pocket.

I gained $8.97 from the Aquafresh and $4.69 from the Tums.

Of course I am going to send in for a rebate on the Tums and I should get $4.69 back.

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