Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekly Goals for Week of May 19

Here are some of the goals I am setting for this week. Many of them are the same from week to week, but things I need to work on.

  1. Clean up Chloe's room
  2. Work on sewing machine
  3. Finish the word cards with Cassidy (we worked on these, but ran out of supplies last week)
  4. Give Cassidy 3 lessons in "Hooked on Phonics"
  5. Read 2 more fairy books to the girls
  6. Have a little special time with each girl
  7. Make a flyer to give to our neighborhood about community yard sale (I think I want to have it the second weekend in June)
  8. Drink 6 cups of water each day
  9. Have 2 soda free days
  10. Walk 40 minutes
  11. Read 2 chapters in the "Strong Willed Child" by James Dobson
  12. Post on this blog at least 3 times
  13. Post on at least 3 times
  14. Work on GOAL #95 - take a meal and a gift to someone with a new baby

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