Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekly Goals for Week of May 26

I did not accomplish all my goals from last week, so many of them will be a carry over from then. I am posting this on Monday Night because of the holiday. I hope everyone had a great day and stayed dry.

  1. Work on GOAL #95 - take a meal and a gift to someone with a new baby (I started this, but did not finish, I will complete it this week.)
  2. Clean up Chloe's room
  3. Work on sewing machine and get it working, so I can complete Chloe's burp cloths
  4. Word cards with Cassidy
  5. Give Cassidy 3 lessons in "Hooked on Phonics"
  6. Read the 2 fairy books we have checked out from the library to the girls
  7. Walk 40 minutes
  8. Have 2 soda free days
  9. Finish passing out the community yard sale flyer
  10. Make a summer schedule for our day to day activities and weekly activities
I would like to complete all these goals this week, so I can start fresh next week.

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