Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Free Samples

This really isn't a very clear picture, but you can still see that I got several samples in the mail. On Monday, I had a very challenging morning. It seemed all three of the kids were whiny and needy. I just about had all I could take when it was time to take Cassidy to school. As I was leaving, I checked the mail. I was pleasantly surprised to find I received 5 separate samples. It somehow made my day a little better. The day did get better, the younger two girls took a nap and seemed to feel better after that.

I got a sample of Poise pads. It had two pads and a sample of Cottonelle wipes with it.

I got a sample of Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation. Also I got one on Tuesday also. I guess I signed up for it twice or they just wanted me to have two.

I got a sample of Xcid Antacid. I never know when I may need this.

I got a sample of Aquafresh toothpaste.

I also got a sample of Always pads. There were 2 pads and 2 pantyliners. They also sent me a few stickers and a notepad. The girls will enjoy these.


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