Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Am Thankful

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. I have been married for 12 years. It has been an incredible journey so far. I look forward to the years ahead.

In the past 12 years, Ryan and I both earned our bachelor's degree. We bought our first house and fixed it up. We moved back to our hometown and built a house and a few years later built another one. We have had three children. We have been on a few vacations and job interviews in other states. We are still looking for the exact place where God wants us, but we are both willing to trust Him.

I took a little time this week and wrote a list of things why I am thankful for Ryan. These things may just be small things, but they mean a lot to me.
  • He took the girls out to try to fly a kite, even though there really wasn't enough wind, just because the girls really wanted to try to fly it.
  • He took Cassidy on a walk and spent time with her.
  • He always mows the yard when it needs it without complaint.
  • He took Cassidy shopping for gardening supplies.
  • He went to the Spring Fling at Cassidy's school.
  • He planted flowers to make the house look better.
  • He took Cassidy and Callie on a walk to give me a little quiet time.
  • He watched all 3 girls while I walked.
  • He cooked supper.
  • He watched Chloe while I took a shower.
  • He took us to the Pasta House one evening for supper.
  • He watched Chloe while I helped Cassidy and Callie take a shower.
  • He is supportive of me staying home.
  • He goes to work everyday without complaint.
  • He is bettering himself by going to tae kwon do.
  • He has gone a few times to get us lunch/supper when I did not feel like cooking.
  • He washed the car I drive.
  • He helps the girls when they ask.
  • He built me a shelf for the hall to set pictures.
  • He planted the bushes I bought for the front yard.
  • He watched Chloe while I cleaned up the house.
  • He supports my parenting of the girls.
  • He helps keep the house clean.
  • He is good at entertaining friends and family.
  • He took the recycling to the recycling center.
  • He goes to church with us.
  • He plays with the girls outside (they love that).

There are many, many other things. I just wanted to express a few things I was thankful for from this past week or two.

Ryan, you are wonderful husband and I look forward to many more fun filled years together.


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